How to buy tickets (and camping)


All admission tickets are PER PERSON. All campsites are sold with the ability to park ONE vehicle on that site.

Everyone planning on attending the festival and planning to camp, must purchase an admission ticket (General Admission, Reserve, VIP, or Super VIP) as well as a camp access pass (camp access is included with Super VIP). This camp access pass allows you to enter the campgrounds to stay there for the weekend or to visit friends who are staying there. If you are not camping and are not planning to go into the campgrounds, just purchase your choice of admission (no camp access needed).

To put it simply, all of the tickets (admission/camping) need to belong to a single entity; whether it's a person or vehicle. A camping spot is the equivalent to a hotel room for the weekend and can be occupied by more than one person. Campsites can only contain one vehicle per site, all additional vehicles will need to purchase an Overflow Parking Pass and park in the overflow lot for the weekend.

Example: A group of 4 people are planning to camp in one RV. The group needs to purchase 4 admission tickets with 4 camp accesses and 1 campsite per vehicle they are staying in.

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